Cold Brew Coffee FAQ

What's the Easiest Way to Make Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is made by soaking ground coffee beans in room temperature water or below for 12-48 hours. While there are many expensive products on the market for making cold brew, it really isn’t a complicated process and should not be so difficult. The easiest way to make cold brew coffee is to simply put coffee grounds in a pitcher, soak for roughly 24 hours, then filter the grounds out with a coffee filter. We created our easy cold brew coffee filters so you can put the coffee grounds in a filter, and brew the cold brew from within the filter — much like a large teabag. We have not found an easier method than our brewing bag filters.

What are the Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew Coffee?

One of the main benefits of cold brew is the reduced acidity and sweet flavor. We recommend a smooth, mild roast coffee bean. Since you are brewing cold, you also don’t need to spend a ton of money on highly expensive beans which are meant for hot coffee brewing methods.

What Do I Need To Make Cold Brew Coffee?

If you are using our method of making cold brew, all you need is our Easy Cold Brew Coffee brewing filters, coffee grounds, and a pitcher or mason jar. We recommend 32oz of water per 1 cup of coffee grounds. So, for this reason our preferred brewing vessel is a 32oz wide mouth mason jar made by Ball brand. However, any pitcher or jar will also work great!

What is the Difference Between Cold Brew and Cold Press?

The two terms are synonymous. Starbucks generally refers to their cold brew coffee as cold press — perhaps because it sounds more fancy to help them sell over priced cold brew 🙂 

How Much Caffeine Does Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Have?

Even though cold brew coffee is brewed for longer durations, it contains lower amounts of caffeine per oz than hot brewed coffee because caffeine dissolves in higher temperatures. The exact caffeination depends on the coffee bean, brewing duration, and coffee grounds to water ratio — but on average, cold brew has about 200mg per 16 oz while hot brewed coffee has closer to 300mg per 16oz.

How Long Should Cold Brew Coffee Be Brewed For?

We recommend brewing your cold brew for 24 hours in cool/cold water. The exact duration will depend on how much grounds you are brewing with. You can generally determine when your cold brew is properly soaked by the color your cold brew. It should be pretty dark!

What Material are Easy Cold Brew Coffee Filters Made From?

Our Easy Cold Brew Coffee filters are made with corn based bio-fiber. A hybrid fiber which is commercially compostable

Does Cold Brew Coffee Have Less Acidity?

Yes. Since cold brew coffee is brewed in cold water, the majority of the acidity that is dissolved and released with hot brewing methods is avoided. The result is a smoother coffee which contains less acidity.

Are Cold Brew Coffee Filters Compostable?

Yes. Our cold brew coffee filters are made from natural corn based fibers which are commercially compostable.