Alternative to Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee Pouches

When trying to make cold brew coffee at home, one of the easiest options is to buy the pre-filled Starbucks cold brew coffee pouches. These come filled with coffee grounds, and all you have to do is steep them in water to make cold brew coffee. Unfortunately, they cost alot of money! We’ve developed a way to easily make cold brew coffee at home, while saving yourself alot of money. Here’s how:

We developed single-use cold brew coffee filters. With our filters you use your own coffee grounds. By using your own grounds, you save a bunch of money. At a cost of about 30 cents per filter, plus around 1-2 dollars for grounds, you can make a batch of cold brew coffee for much less than a Starbucks pre-filled cold brew coffee bag. Further, you can choose coffee grounds which you prefer. Our cold brew coffee filters come in packs of 30 and are available on

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