Best Way to Make Cold Brew Coffee in the Office

Cold Brew Coffee Making in the Office

So, you’re looking for an easy way to make cold brew coffee in the office. With summer around the corner, employees demand cold press coffee, not just the regular old hot brew. Here is a simple, no mess way to make cold brew for your whole office, and it’s so easy that anyone in your office can help make it when it runs out.

  • There is limited space for large cold brew machines or extra equipment. Keeping a small footprint will prevent any fuss.
  • People are messy. It’s best to brew your cold press in a way that limits the amount of mess that people can make (coffee in the sink, in the drain, etc).
  • Needs to be cheap. Businesses generally aren’t looking to spend a lot of extra money on something new.
  • Try to use existing equipment and coffee grounds in your office.
Drinking Vessel for Brewing

The first thing you’ll need is a brewing vessel. Don’t buy any cold brew coffee makers. They are expensive, they are clunky, they get in the way, they are messy, and you don’t need one. Instead, simply use an existing pitcher in your office or any mason jar around 32oz up to 1 gallon.

Cold Brew Filter

This is where things get super easy. Instead of dealing with coffee grounds in the sink & drain, and cleaning a bunch of extra equipment, for brewing, all you need is our single-use cold brewing bags. They work similar to an extra large tea-bag. This means you fill them with grounds, brew in water for a day, then simply throw the brewing bag away.

cold brew coffee filter bag

As you can see, the process is as simple as filling a bag with grounds… which you should already have in your office. Then place in a pitcher full of water. You’ll want to brew for about 24 hours or until dark. Then, you just pull the bag out and throw it away. 

Keeping in mind the concerns we had in the bullet points above, this method eliminate messes from the more messy office numbers. You don’t need a bunch of extra equipment, and you can use your current grounds. The only thing you probably need are the filters.

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